Boni’s Blossoms is an Ankara (African Print) inspired Business based in the UK, we offer unique handmade accessories and clothing which aims to Integrate and introduce splashes of Ankara and culture into your everyday wardrobe. Fascinated by the diversity of Ankara prints and how they tell the story of their origin and era is akin to the cultural diversity in the UK today.  So, combining our inspiration from God, passion for fashion, vast cultural diversity and boldness of Ankara print the idea of Boni’s Blossoms (Standout boldly) was convinced over 2 years ago and was brought to life in the summer of 2019.

Our ready to wear concept saves you time and effort in today's busy world, so there is no need to Fuss just WRAP, STRAP &GO! 

Our products allow you wear African Print stylishly so there is no need to be camouflaged from head to toe in Ankara, just a hint of splashes and slashes of African print like petals from a blossom tree will help you tell your story as you wear African culture proudly, you will certainly stand out from the crowd and blossoms all year round.